The Carrot and Stick


Community Farm

Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our farm!


Ah, Spring 2015! It has been strangely, and admittedly, wonderfully warm. Our fruit trees are blooming and the ground seems to be calling to me to plant.

Fall and winter have seen many changes for our little family. On reflection it is amazing how quickly the baby becomes a toddler and the toddler becomes a little boy. The speed is dizzying and the changes immense as they comprehend more and do more: more joy, more discoveries, and more mischief.
It is busy here at our place. Busy but often fun. Busy and sometimes hard. Busy and we don’t get enough sleep.

Laura has been in a changing job cycle that has left me with considerably less time to farm and prepare for farming. However in May we will be settling into a new routine with Laura’s schedule changing once again to one more favorable to our farming needs.  Meanwhile, I enjoy the challenge of being a stay at home dad. I know I do a good job and we both feel that having a parent home with the boys is beneficial. How do you do it all? How do you find enough time for the kids, yourself, your partner. Quite the juggling act indeed.

This year our farm will continue much as it did last year. We will grow as much as we can and sell as much as we have. We will continue to work on infrastructure and improvement projects as we look to the future.

We hope you all have a lovely Spring and Summer and hope to see you out here sometime soon,

Ephraim, Laura, Brighton and Emmett